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The first reality TV show to really take off and the catalyst for a lot of what’s on our screens now, Big Brother launched in 1999 in Holland and has since been syndicated around the world becoming one of the most watched reality TV shows ever. A version of the show has been broadcast in every continent with regional versions including Big Brother Africa, Big Brother Middle East, Big Brother South America and Big Brother Scandinavia. It was introduced to the UK a year later in 2000 initially on Channel 4 and in recent years has become one of the top shows on Channel 5. The show has spawned a spin off programme which is essentially the same premise but with celebrities instead of everyday strangers, conveniently titled Celebrity Big Brother.

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Big Brother 2018 to be the final year on Five

There had been doubts over the future of the show and it has been confirmed that 2018 was to be the final year in which Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother will be shown on Five. The chances are another channel will take the series on so it may not be the last we see of the show on British television.  2020 saw the best bits from previous seasons shown on Channel 4. It's believed that the show could well be back in the future, especially a celebrity version. Big Brother continues to be shown in other countries around the world.

Big Brother 2018

The final series to be shown on Five began on September 14 with the final takin place on November 5. 14 housemates entered the house and it was won by Cameron Cole, an 19-year-old vlogger from Norwich. He beat runner-up Akeem Griffiths to win the £100,000 prize. Cameron's success came as a massive shock as he admitted that he didn't think he'd even survive the first week, let alone win the series. "This is like a miracle, I don't know what to say," he said in an interview with Big Brother host Emma Willis. Cameron was a big favourite to win ever since an emotional moment in the show where he came out as gay. The last week of November was an emotional one for fans of the show as the Big Brother house was demolished.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 - Series Two

The latest series of Celebrity Big Brother began on Thursday August 17.  Contestants included the usual mix of those who have been in the headlines, used to be in the headlines and all hoping to again make the headlines. However, the series proved to be one of the most controversial ever thanks to the behaviour of former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett and Rodrigo Alaves. The latter lasted less than a week in the house. He was given a warning over his use of the N-word and then was thrown out for a reason that is still unknown but considered too controversial to be shown on television.

Also leaving the house but by their own accord was Roxanne Pallett though viewers would have loved to be given the chance to evict her. Pallett accused former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas of repeatedly punching her causing her a lot of pain. This led to Thomas being given a formal warning and days later Pallett decided to leave the house. She has since apologised over her accusations and from that moment on Thomas was the clear favourite to win the show which is just what happened. When interviewed by host Emma Willis after leaving the house Thomas said he was willing to forgive Pallett for what happened in the house.

Order of leaving the House

  • Day 9 - Natalie Nunn - first to be evicted
  • Day 10 - Rodrigo Alves - Told to leave the house on day 10 for unspecified reasons
  • Day 13 - Chloe Ayling - second to be evicted.
  • Day 16 - Ben Jardine - third to be evicted, decision taken by housemates from two chosen by the public
  • Day 17 - Roxanne Pallett - chose to leave the house.
  • Day 19 - Jermaine Pennant - evicted
  • Day 23- Hardeep Singh Kohli - evicted
  • Day 26- Gabby Allen - sixth place
  • Day 26- Sally Morgan - fifth place
  • Day 26- Nick Leeson - fourth place
  • Day 26- Dan Osborne - third place
  • Day 26- Kirstie Alley - second place
  • Day 26- Ryan Thomas - WINNER


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Series One

The latest series was won by Shane Janek aka Courtney Act. Best known for appearing on RuPaul's Drag Race, the Drag Queen managed to nearly flash all on her way into the house. Once there, Courtney had several battles with transgender newsreader India Willoughby. The series began on January 1st and for the first time, the first set of contestants to enter the house were all women. This was to mark the anniversary of women getting the vote so it was fitting that one of the housemates was former Tory MP, Ann Widdicombe who also had her fair share of arguments with India. It wasn't too surprisiing that Willoughby was the first to be evicted. Other notable housemates were Amanda Barrie, Wayne Sleep, Dapper Laughs, John Barnes and Rachel Johnson.

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How can I use my Big Brother free bet?

For both the regular series and the celebrity edition, the markets are exactly the same. The main interest lies in the shows winner and keen observers of the show will be able to get a pretty good grasp of who's popular both in the house and amongst the voting public. With the way the nominations work, you can easily identify who is rubbing their fellow housemates up the wrong way and will therefore be at much greater risk of getting the boot. This also ties in nicely to another thing you can bet on, the next person to be eliminated. If someone is regularly up for eviction and is getting booed by the crowd on eviction nights, their position is likely to be somewhat precarious.

There are also markets on the top male and female contestants, so you can pick a member of the specific sex that you feel will make the most progress even if you don't think they'll ultimately triumph.

Big Brother: The Lowdown

The premise of the show involves members of the public being essentially locked in a house together, with no connection to the outside world for 12 weeks. They are filmed by multiple cameras planted around the house for 24 hours a day meaning their every move is documented in what is the most extreme version of TV voyeurism.

They are forced to work together to undertake tasks which can win them food and other luxuries before viewers begin to vote them out of the house until a winner remains. Clashes of personality often occur, with some versions of the show arguably encouraging housemates to try and fall out with each other for more interesting viewing.

While the show’s premise remains the same worldwide different versions have put their own spin on things. For example, the UK version introduced ‘Evil Big Brother’ in 2004 where tasks and punishments became more cruel. This concept has since been repeated in other country’s versions. In the fifth series of the US version identical twins were introduced and challenged with pretending to be each other without being spotted by the other housemates. In 2006 the UK version added secret missions for individual housemates to undertake while also introducing ‘fake evictions’ where contestants are “evicted” from the house before then being sent back in.

Previous winners

Several of the previous have gone on to have successful careers in television, so you may well have heard of them inclduing handyman Craig Phillips, Brian Dowling, Kate Lawler and Brian Belo. The most famous contestant was Jade Goody, who took part in the third series though she didn't actually win it. She returned to the show in Celebrity Big Brother and was involved in a major controversy over the racist bullying of Shilpa Shetty, sadly Jade died from cancer in 2009.

When Channel 4 axed the show they held an Ultimate Big Brother series featuring past contestants. This was won by Brian Dowling.

Winners of Celebrity Big Brother have included:

  • Jack Dee
  • Mark Owen
  • Ulrika Jonsson
  • Shilpa Shetty
  • Denise Welsh
  • Julian Clary
  • Jim Davidson
  • Katie Price


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